Sulpician Publications

Three Recent Works
Tuesday 1 October 2013
by  Ronald Witherup
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In recent weeks three publications by Sulpicians have appeared. The first is a 34-page brochure published by Editions du Signe (Strasbourg) titled The Sulpicians: A Tradition of Priestly Formation. It has been published in three separate language editions, French, English and Spanish. Its primary purpose is to present the history, spirituality and pedagogy of the Sulpicians in a brief format and to provide updated information on the ministry of the Society worldwide. The brochure is available free of charge (except for postage) from the Provincial Secretaries for the U.S. ( or Canada ( or, for France, from the General Secretary (

The second publication is a new book by Philippe MOLAC, pss, church historian and patrologist. He recently produced in French, Les Poèmes de l’Arcane de saint Grégoire de Nazianze. Published by Artège Éditions (Perpignan), this book includes the original Greek text of the famous poems, as well as a contemporary French translation and commentary on their importance. The book is available in religious bookstores, through the publisher, or through

The third book appeared in September and was authored by the Superior General of Saint Sulpice, Ronald D. WITHERUP, pss, who is also a biblical scholar. His latest book is Saint Paul and the New Evangelization, currently available only in English, as a book or ebook from The Liturgical Press or from This book explains many details of the 2012 Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Faith. It also shows the many connections between the new evangelization and the letters of Saint Paul, the early Church’s most stellar evangelizer. It is could be a useful resource for pastors and parishes attempting to implement the vision of the new evangelization.

Many Sulpicians continue research and writing, whether books or articles, as an essential part of the ministry of priestly formation. These are three worthy examples.