Pentecost Once More

A Reflection on Priestly Formation
Wednesday 19 November 2014
by  Ronald Witherup
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At the start of a new academic year (2014-2015), Father David THAYER, a member of the formation team at Theological College in Washington, DC, and first consultor on the General Council of the Society of Saint Sulpice, delivered a conference to the seminary community on a Sulpician approach to formation.

The occasion also marked the dedication of a new art work installed behind the main altar of the seminary chapel. Theological College, founded in 1917, is a Sulpician seminary attached to The Catholic University of America.

The painting, here pictured, is Pentecost, painted by Peter William GRAY, a Sulpician artist who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Inspired by the Pentecost scene painted in the seventeenth century by Charles Le Brun at the request of Father Jean-Jacques OLIER, Father Gray’s version also shows Mary humbly in the center of the apostles, all receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit in tongues of fire. For Father Olier, having the image of Pentecost prominently displayed in the seminary chapel reminded the seminarians and priests of the apostolic mission to which they are called.

Father Thayer’s talk is found below.

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