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Friday 19 January 2018
by  Ronald Witherup

Memorial of the Interior Life of Jesus

Today, January 19 in the Sulpician Liturgical Calendar, is the Memorial of the Interior Life of Jesus. The celebration reflects the desire of the Sulpician founder Jean-Jacques Olier to be more closely united with Jesus Christ, and to adopt his sentiments, attitudes, and interior disposition. (...)

Friday 13 May 2016
by  Ronald Witherup

Prayer of Father Olier

Jean-Jacques OLIER, pastor of the Church of Saint-Sulpice (1642-1652) and founder of the Sulpicians, was known as a profound spiritual leader. He was greatly preoccupied with the spiritual welfare of his parishioners, as well as with the seminarians that he began to form when he founded (...)

Wednesday 19 November 2014
by  Ronald Witherup

Pentecost Once More

At the start of a new academic year (2014-2015), Father David THAYER, a member of the formation team at Theological College in Washington, DC, and first consultor on the General Council of the Society of Saint Sulpice, delivered a conference to the seminary community on a Sulpician approach to (...)

Saturday 13 July 2013
by  Ronald Witherup

Saint Sulpice in France between the Revolution and Resto

The period of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1799 and beyond remained an often tragic time for the Catholic Church, which the Society of Saint Sulpice survived, but not without its own trials. How did the Society’s members experience this troubled time? What were the bases for recommencing (...)

Wednesday 26 December 2012
by  Ronald Witherup

Saint John the Evangelist

Only two days after the great solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord the Church celebrates the Feast of Saint John the Evangelist, author of the Fourth Gospel.
For the Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice, John is the secondary patron, after the Virgin Mary herself.
Father Olier explains in (...)